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The Beaubourg area

A cultural crossroads

The influence of the Beaubourg neighbourhood stretches across the whole Northern half of the Marais, covering much of the third arrondissement right up to République. This part of central Paris has seen a huge transformation over the past 30 years by focusing on culture and lifestyle.

Walking around the Pompidou Centre, you can’t miss the neighbourhood’s artistic creativity. The art begins in the Museum itself, but then spreads out in the many private galleries in the Marais and even bursts out on to the walls of some of the buildings. Like the Pompidou Centre, the whole area is wide open. For instance, the place de la République has recently been renovated and has become the centre of many recent events in Paris. Parisians come here to party and share their joy, and sometimes their sadness too.

The good life continues on the rue de Bretagne, where the restaurants often serve food made using ingredients bought at the local covered market. The street itself also hosts an annual flea market, another sign of how diverse the area is.

When you rent an apartment in this unusual neighbourhood, but can live leave a real modern Parisian, enjoying the street culture, street food and even street fashion!


Top 4 of the most request apartments in the Beaubourg area:

  • Marais Beaubourg

    Marais Beaubourg

    Large, confortable and furnished studio apartment close to the Georges Pompidou center and most of the gay venues.

    • Grand studio
    • x 3
    • from 129 /night
  • Pompidou View

    Pompidou View

    Top floor one bedroom furnished apartment really light and with a great view towards the Pompidou center in the heart of the gay area in the Marais Top floor one bedroom apartment, with a view towards the Pompidou Centre, in the heart of the Marais.

    • 1 chambre
    • x 4
    • from 129 /night



The Marais area

A blend of partying and luxury

When you get out of the metro at Saint Paul or Hôtel de Ville, you step into a very special atmosphere as you enter the Marais, one of the most central — but also the oldest — parts of Paris.

The Marais might be one of Paris’ trendiest neighbourhoods today, but that hasn’t always been the case. The old buildings here used to be home to some of the city’s poorest neighbourhoods, and it was only natural that the gay community also moved in. Over time, the area hoisted its own flag: the rainbow flag.

Following the arrival of the LGBT community, bars, restaurants and meeting places all sprung up, as did designer shops, turning the neighbourhood into an area with plenty of parties and lots of space for design.

For the past two years, even some of the most luxurious boutiques have given up on the Left Bank and moved closer to some of the city’s best nightlife.

When you rent an Absolu Living furnished apartment, you’ll be living right in the centre of this colourful, lively neighbourhood, in a design apartment right by some of the most popular venues.

Plus d'informations sur le quartier du Marais dans notre Guide Gay de Paris.


Top 4 of the most request apartments in the gay Marais area:

  • Sicile Marais

    Sicile Marais

    This attractive furnished apartment is in the very heart of Paris, in one of the liveliest, most bustling parts of the capital, the Marais gay village.

    • Studio
    • x 2
    • from 79 /night
  • IMG_8796.jpg

    Tibourg Marais

    Superb duplex furnished studio apartment in the most lively area close to the heart of the Marais.

    • Grand studio
    • x 4
    • from 129 /night
  • IMG_3005.jpg

    Terrasse Marais

    Attractive and spacious 2-room furnished apartment, with a 35 square meter terrace, ideally situated in the heart of Paris, in the gay-friendly Marais quarter.

    • 1 chambre
    • x 4
    • from 159 /night
  • IMG_0712.jpg

    Marais Soubise

    Beautiful two-bedroom furnished apartment in an ideal location opposite the National Archives in one of the Marais’ finest hôtels particuliers.

    • 2 chambres
    • x 6
    • from 239 /night


Louer un appartement meublé au centre de Paris, autour de la rue Montorgueil

The Montorgueil area

Pedestrian shopping neighbourhood in central Paris

Most of rue Montorgeuil lies within Paris’ second arrondissement. Absolu Living has a wide range of furnished apartments in this part of Paris, which is why we wanted to devote part of our Paris Tourist Guide to this busy pedestrian shopping street.

The rue Montorgeuil itself is a pedestrian street that’s always busy. It has a lot of food shops and restaurants, and gives its names to the surrounding neighbourhood of Montorgeuil.

When you rent an Absolu Living furnished apartment, you’ll be able to live like a real Parisian during your stay in Paris. There’s nothing easier than going out to buy groceries from the butcher, the baker, the cheese shop — and of course the wine merchant — given how many of them there are in just this one Paris street.


Top 4 of the most requested apartments in the Montorgueil area:

  • Marais Montorgueil

    Marais Montorgueil

    Charming furnished studio in an ideal location in the most famous Pedestrian area of Paris, just minutes from Le Louvres and from the Marais area.

    • Grand studio
    • x 3
    • from 119 /night
  • Absolument Montorgueil

    Absolument Montorgueil

    In the heart of a bustling, diverse neighbourhood, this one-bedroom furnished apartment offers the perfect of style and elegance.

    • 1 chambre
    • x 3
    • from 129 /night
  • IMG_9497.jpg

    Seven Heaven

    Spacious and bright furnished one-bedroom with a view on the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre.

    • 1 chambre
    • x 4
    • from 159 /night


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