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The Absolu Living Advantage

Absolu Living will set out the conditions for renting out your apartment, advertise it online and take care of all of the necessary pre-rental checks.

Signing a contract with the owner

If we decide to take your apartment on, the first thing we need to do after visiting it is of course to sign a contract with you.

As the apartment owner, you can choose from two types of contract:

  1. A contract allowing us to put your apartment on the market with a guaranteed rent and maintenance
  2. A contract allowing us to put your apartment on the apartment without a guaranteed rent

As the owner, you are free to choose the type of contract that is most suitable for you. Both parties will agree on the cost of the rent.

Compiling the paperwork and pre-rental information

Once the contract is signed, Absolu Living will provide the owner with a list of documents and the insurance cover that are needed to rent the apartment out. This generally includes:

Pre-rental checks

  • Survey of natural and technological risks
  • Energy efficiency survey
  • Lead exposure survey
  • Asbestos survey
  • Survey setting out the surface area, according to either the loi Boutin, or, failing that, the loi Carrez.

Absolu Living can carry out the obligatory pre-rental checks at a special rate.


Absolu Living will need to check that you have an insurance policy that is suitable for renting a furnished apartment. This means that your apartment will need to have a ‘Multi-Risk Accommodation for non-resident owners’ insurance policy with an opt-out clause that can be invoked.

If the owner cannot arrange this clause with their own insurer, then Absolu Living can provide details of a specialist insurer selected by the professional body for the quality of their services.

Emergency Assistance

In order to minimise the impact of unavoidable problems with the facilities in the apartment, Absolu Living offers apartment owners separate insurance cover for emergency assistance from Mondial Assistance. For just €199 a year, owners are insured against problems with electricity, plumbing, heating, locks and large electrical appliances.


The owner will prepare an inventory which we will check during a visit, which will also take note of the state of the apartment.

This document will be the basis for any repairs to be conducted under the maintenance guarantee. At the end of our agreement, the apartment will be returned in the same state as mentioned in this document, allowing for wear and tear caused over time.

Advertising your apartment online

Once the contract is signed, we will take professional-quality photographs, and, if necessary, will retouch them to remove any remaining imperfections.

We will advertise your apartment online with a description of both its facilities and the general atmosphere. We will describe the area, the number of people it can accommodate, the area and the overall quality. A price will be given for low, high, and ultra-high season.

Our customer base is wide and diverse, covering business travellers, families and gay visitors, looking for both long and short stays. For each of these markets, we describe the advantages of your apartment and its central Paris location.


Absolu Living offers a complete service, giving you peace of mind and the ability to optimise the profits generated by your furnished apartment. Please do not hesitate to suggest your furnished apartment by completing this formor by sending us an e-mail.

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