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Meet Absolu Living’s sales team!

You are in good hands.

Don’t be fooled by their age: they are tourism professionals and have been working with Absolu Living for quite a long time. Not only they know each apartment like the back of their hand – thanks to regular visits, but they also know our neighbourhood very well. Most of them live within a 10 minutes walk from our agency… They will be happy to give you a maximum of recommandations before and after your arrival in Paris. Paris and its gay Marais area have no secret for them.

Here is a short presentation of each member of our friendly team of experts. If you would like to know more, you can check out their personal Facebook or Instagram pages. We have no secret for our guests as they trust us with the organisation of their stay.

Visit our Paris office where you will be welcomed upon arrival!


I’m a huge music fan, so you’ll always find me listening to headphones whether I’m walking around Paris or on my bike. When I first arrived at the agency, I became the official DJ on the ground floor and make sure we enjoy a varied selection of tracks every day. You’ll often hear me singing along if I play a song that I like.

I divide my free time between jogging in the streets and parks of Paris, the gym and the cinema.

I’m friendly, enthusiastic and you might notice that I’m often to be found in brightly coloured clothes.

I’ve been part of the team at the agency for more than eight years now, which is great for our regular guests who can have a reliable contact. I am in charge of sales and co-ordinating the different channels through which e operate. I’m proud to be gay and am happy to be your first point of contact if you make a reservation via absoluliving.com. I will make sure you have a great time here in Paris!

After 10 years of working with our customers, I’ve learnt how important it is to stay calm and stay focused, so it’s now second nature to me.

I speak French, English and Spanish. Send me an e-mail and feel free to ask about any of our apartments or life in Paris!

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I am a French-speaking Belgian–it’s important to get that right where I come from–I am 26 years old and proud to be part of the gay community. As a speaker of French, rather than Flemish, French is my native language, so I took to life over here on the other side of the border like a duck to water.

I grew up in Belgium, but left when I was 17 to spend a year improving my English in Australia. When I returned to Europe, I decided to study economics in Montpellier in the south of France. After two years in Montpellier, I moved here to Paris. I’ve been working at the agency for five years now, and take care of welcoming guests.

It’s a real pleasure for me to be the first person you speak to when you arrive. If you do reserve an apartment with us, I will be there to welcome you and provide all the information you need about gay life in Paris. One last thing: I love to travel and enjoy surfing.


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I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where I grew up and studied for my degree in communication. I came in to France looking for work and joined the agency in 2007. I’m trilingual in French, Spanish and English.

At the agency, I market our portfolio of furnished apartments to other sites. I prepare stays before customers arrive so that their time in our furnished apartments is as successful as possible.

My wandering days are over now, but I love how new technology helps us stay in contact. You won’t be surprised to learn that I love social networking services like Vine, Twitter or Instagram.

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I started working at Absolu Living as an intern, in charge of welcoming our guests. I was originally supposed to stay with them for 2 years and in the end, I'm still here working at the agency. I fell in love with the team spirit and relaxed atmosphere of it.

I took over the 'Long term stays' department. All the requests for a stay longer than 3 months are now under my responsibility. Absolu Living has more than a third of its apartments rented with a long term contract for their clients.

I grew up in France but I always wanted to go abroad. I lives in Australia and in New-Zealand where I was deeply touched seeing how open minded and friendly people were. I decided I had to lived my life doing the same; always focusing on the positive side.

If you come for a mission in Paris or for a long term stay, you should contact me. I know the neighbourhood of 'my' apartments liek the back of my hand and I'll be happy to give you directions and tips.

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Three words that describe me: Outgoing, friendly and helpful.

I am an architect and I love tourism. I am the newest guy at Absolu Living and I’m really excited to be working with this awesome team.

I'm from Venezuela and I'm in Love with Paris, such an amazing city. Having the blessing of living here gives me the opportunity to give advice in many interesting places that can make your stay unforgettable.

It didn't take me long to find my new favorite karaoké bar in Paris. You should come with me there every Thursday, we will have a lot of fun.

I am a person that pay attention to details and I always do my best to make customers feel comfortable and cared for.

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My full name is Birdy Rockefeller du Bois-Caïman, but everybody calls me Vic. My real name isn’t half but my owners apparently thought it was too long!

But I should introduce myself properly!  I am a gorgeous Border Terrier born in 2006 in the North of France, not far from the border with Belgium. I’m what the French call a ch’ti, a real northerner.

I work on the first floor of the office, and keep a watchful eye over the space and everybody who works there. If anybody tells you I spend the whole day sleeping, don’t believe a word of it—I’m just keeping a watchful eye over things.

I’m single for the time being, but if I find a lover it won’t last long—I’m too devoted to Alain, Hervé and my daughter Jessy !


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