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Come to Paris for your gay honeymoon

Mark your gay marriage in Paris and enjoy your gay honeymoon in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Paris is well-known as the world capital of romance is the perfect place to mark that special moment—your gay wedding—and gay honeymoons got even better in March 2013 when France gave gay couples the right to marry and adopt.

Gay honeymoon in Paris: the best gay honeymoon destinations

Absolu Living’s honeymoon special offer helps you celebrate your special moment :

Absolu Living's incredible special offer is designed to help make your stay even more exceptional:

  • a 15% reduction on your accommodation if you stay for five nights or more
  • Depending on availability, an upgrade to an apartment in the next category.
  • A bottle of champagne waiting for you upon arrival and a romantic river cruise along the Seine both for free.

If you’ve just got married, don’t hesitate to get in touch and see what we can do for you. Even if you want to stay for less than five nights, we can arrange a reduction on your stay.

Come and enjoy your gay honeymoon in romantic Paris with Absolu Living.

Paris is the perfect destination for you and your partner to enjoy a gay honeymoon: the romantic setting will provide the backdrop to exploring the city's wonderful culture and local cuisine.

During the day, you can enjoy a romantic stroll along the banks of the Seine, cross the river in front of the Louvre at the pont des Arts and then wander down to the jardin du Luxembourg, located between the boulevard Saint-Michel and the boulevard Saint-German, or cross back over the river to the jardin des Tuileries, near the Louvre and the place de la Madeleine. You can take a gourmet picnic hamper with you and enjoy your first afternoon of wedded bliss lounging on a picnic blanket in a quiet park.

In the evening, Paris has a huge choice of top quality restaurants whose authentic cuisine contributes to the worldwide reputation of French food. Absolu Living can provide a guide to all the best places to eat in the French capital.

Alternatively, you can take lunch in a café and then enjoy a river boat cruise along the Seine, passing in front of the Eiffel Tower, the île de la Cité, Notre-Dame and the Canal Saint-Martin as you go.

Paris has an incredibly rich history and has countless museums and interesting cultural attractions. The musée du Louvre, for instance, is the biggest and most visited museum in the world, partly thanks to its diverse collections that span a huge range of work from ancient Rome through to 1848. You can also visit the Centre Georges-Pompidou, which covers a whole range of cultural forms and the musée Picasso, dedicated to the artist's work. Try the musée d’Orsay for Western paintings and sculpture from the period 1848—1914, as well as architecture, photography and decorative arts. Dozens of other smaller museums and galleries are also waiting for you in Paris …

The Marais: the perfect part of Paris for your gay honeymoon

There are literally hundreds of gay-run or gay-friendly businesses in the French capital and all of them will be more than happy to welcome you during your gay honeymoon. Most of them are concentrated in the first few arrondissements on the right bank, around bars and restaurants and the Hôtel de Ville, especially in the apartments in the Marais, which spans the third and fourth arrondissements. In amongst its narrow, winding streets, you'll find dozens of proudly flying the rainbow flag as well as other businesses including boutiques and travel agencies.

Another nearby must-see part of old Paris is the former Jewish quarter around the rue des Rosiers, where tourists and locals alike flock to eat falafels amidst the Kosher delis and fashionable boutiques. The whole neighbourhood is full of hidden gems and unexpected finds like the ivy-covered courtyard off rue de Sévigné.

That's one of the reasons why Absolu Living has hand-picked some of the best . The locals are more than used to seeing happy couples walk past and you'll be able to share your love without worrying about what anybody else thinks. The Marais and Paris are the best places honeymoon !

Absolu Loving will customise your gay honeymoon—with some extra surprises too

Why wait?  Come to Paris for your gay honeymoon and Absolu Living will help you organise the perfect celebration to follow your gay wedding. We'll make sure you have a personal welcome and a special package full of surprises. The most romantic city in the world is waiting for you ...



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